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The Red Carpet

Saying no to the red carpet…

by : anonymous

I am an actress/model who has been living in Los Angeles for the last 8 years. I was recently asked to be a part of “Goddess It-Girls”, which is a group of hot Hollywood girls who are in the industry and have featured interviews in a magazine speaking about their intriguing lives. In addition to the interviews, there would be cameras and crew documenting the gaggle of girls while they dined at a glamorous restaurant on Hollywood Blvd then cameras would follow to the hottest, newest nightclub. At first I said yes to the idea with out much thought. I was in the middle of doing a number of things and I received a text asking about the endeavor and replied “sure”. I mean why not , seemed like fun. But as the date got closer and closer I started to become a little turned off by the idea. I was asked to send the sexiest pictures of myself and then was e-mailed the completed flyer of me and a dozen other girls. I started to feel like a piece of meat. I asked myself, “what have these girls done?” For that matter, what have I done that was going to have the slightest bit of intrigue for these cameras? I felt like I was going to be with a bunch of Playboy bunnies that had not taken off their clothes yet.

In the beginning of my time in Los Angeles I was fascinated with the Hollywood night life that I had watched on television from the popular hit MTV show, “The Hills” . However after attending film school I was reminded why I wanted to be a part of this industry. It was not to be recognized for being “hot”.  It was more about being inspirational and intelligent.  The people I look up to have more to offer than cleavage and red lips. They have strength and intelligence.  It is a difficult path to  walk, because one can get so much attention for being a sex symbol. Marilyn Monroe still gets a tremendous amount of attention for her sex appeal and she has been dead for over half a decade. But Marilyn died in her bed alone full of pills at the tender age of 36. No one ever speaks of the pain and sorrow Marilyn went through because she was always playing a character and never expressed her true colors.  Audrey Hepburn another actress from Hollywood’s “Golden Age” lived a much more fulfilling life. She was the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF, and president George H.W. Bush awarded her with Presidential Medal of Freedom. In addition to that she won two Acadamy Awards, and a Lifetime achievement award. Audrey had the looks to pull off the whole sex symbol idea, but I believe Audrey had more heart than that.  Perhaps the path I am taking will take more work and I won’t get the instant gratification the red carpet brings, but I do believe it will have more impact in the end. I have too much knowledge and passion in my soul to shut my mouth and giggle and pose for the camera. I have to be heard, I have to make a difference. In the end I want to be an Audrey, not a Marilyn.

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