On The Run Zine

“Nobody’s Perfect!”


we all want the same thing nobody is perfect


Young boys and girls all come to Hollywood to pursue the big dream of becoming a Hollywood Star. From the moment they arrive they have peers, agents, and clients telling them how they need to change themselves: “Your not thin enough!”, “Your teeth aren’t white enough”, “You need extensions!”, “Loose your accent!” and so on and so forth. No one is EVER good enough in tinseltown. People tend to forget that these flaws is what makes people special and unique. There will always be something to inject, or tuck , or highlight. However, one thing that can over ride all of this is inner confidence. If one chooses to love themselves from the inside out and truly believes that they have what it takes with out having to spend time and money on the their outer appearance they have struck gold. No agent, client, or producer can take away true inner confidence. This key component does not cost a dollar, just the time spent on one truly finding oneself. Every one has this capability, they just need to have tunnel vision on their soul and ignore all of the negative influences around them. The unfortunate thing is people will spend so much time on what they look like on the outside that they become miserable because in the end of it all they have no idea who they are, all they have is a pretty plastic face. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the truth is nobody’s perfect!

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