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“Oh Baby Blue” Miss Mosh Video


Miss Mosh video Installation by James Jaeger  Music by Matt Wysocki

The ever so sexy burlesque queen Miss Mosh reveals a different side of herself in this explorative video installment. Stripped down from her usual siren self, Miss Mosh shows a child like naiveté while the video installment offers an eerie  “jack in the box” type soundtrack reminiscent to that of the Gus Van Sant film “Drug Store Cowboy” . With her facial expressions and sensual yet innocent type movements Miss Mosh offers a view into the scary transition that all individuals must face when evolving from child to adult. The confusion, and wonderment can be seen her baby blue eyes as she curiously explores her sexuality with ruby red lips, platinum blonde hair and porcelain doll  skin.  In this new wave video installment she sensually grabs and pulls her baby blue satin gloves with her teeth, but then stops realizing that she might have gone to far. How ever this Miss Mosh video installment offers dichotomy in that it in addition to child like expression and hesitation, the video cuts back and forth with Miss Mosh’s voluptuous, pin-up curves through her clear latex dress.

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