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“Miss America X” Beauty Contest


Miss America X Beauty Contest

Miss America’s Beauty Contest;

A post Apocalyptic view on beauty contests and the industry of pageantry and modeling. Limited Edition of 50 Metallic C-Print by Los Angeles Artist James Jaeger using images of sex and desire to illustrate the perception of beauty in American Culture. Visit the online store to purchase one of the prints.

Living in the USA can be looked at as one beauty contest. Who has the prettiest house, the most glamorous car, the shiniest hair, or the most dynamic designs on their  nails. The American lifestyle, is one big competition, people working long hours each and every day not to better the environment, help those in need, or expand their knowledge ; rather their time attributes to improving themselves on the outside.  Tanning, working out, manicures, pedicures, hair extensions and plastic surgery. This beauty competition has grown far worse because of social networking. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr have made this beauty contest live.  Now people don’t only spend time making their out word appearance better but they take pictures of it for instagram and talk about it on twitter and both of these social networks upload to Facebook. What happen to people working on their soul, reading books, going on hikes (and not uploading it to Facebook) having thoughtful conversations. Individuals spend so much time on themselves, and the popularity contest that they ignore the larger core issues of what is important. The beauty contest is not necessary for an abundant happy life, if anything it gives people superficial happiness or more common … severe depression. This focus on outward appearance is not going to help society expand and grow in a positive direction. It will only bring individuals down. American lifestyle is becoming one disgusting, shallow beauty contest.

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