On The Run Zine



Independent film presented by Autonomous Artistry

Run time : 90 min.


Directed By James Jaeger Starring Rene Heger, Kendra Munger, Lauren DeLong, Jonathan Carter Schall, and Francesca Fondevilla Written by Levy Stonehill Cinematography by Alik Griffin & Jeremy Lundborg Edited By Andrew Cohen & James Jaeger Music & Sound Design By “Rockharder Music” Visual Effects By Justin Israel & Xtian Bretz

“a psychological Surreal drama” a distortion in reality the apprehension between love and Fear an embodiment of the ingrained human Condition that lies deep with in our unconscious minds who is the humdrummer? three storylines running a parallel without deviation passing from one mind to the next where does it end? past present and future…. as the film progresses it will be hard for anyone to process what is real and what is not protagonist vs antagonist perhaps its all the same a mind flooded by the temptations of life a path that continues to repeat itself an idea that we are all capable of the same mistakes we are in fact all the same!


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