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“If Sex Sells?”


sex sells

Read between the lines….

It is interesting how young ladies  present themselves. To get attention they use their body parts to win attention by posting pictures of their cleavage,  their ass, and their stomachs  on social network sights. Even more disturbing, they get applauded for it with commentary and “likes”.  So what do they do? Keep doing it. There are instagram profiles where all one will see is post after post of ass, no images of culture or travels just body parts. Welcome to the meat market. On the other hand, it is a common complaint that woman feel they are being objectified by male behavior of indulging in porn or Playboy. But when posting pictures of their body parts for attention aren’t they objectifying themselves. Woman want to be noticed for their intelligence, but how will this ever happen if they keep turning their ass towards a mirror, smirking and snapping pictures. Woman need to start acknowledging the actions they are taking, and what message they are putting out into the world. This type of behavior should no longer be rewarded but looked down upon. Is this something that is inspiring to the next generation?

sex sells slut


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