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“EAT MORE” Don’t Eat Yourself Skinny


kara neko marsch eat yourself skinny

Things We Say!!! Don’t Eat yourself Skinny EAT MORE YOU WILL BE HAPPIER!

Why is it that American culture praises the thin and bashes on the thick. Any time one is standing in line at the grocery store it seems that the magazines have an obsession with the size of  men and especially woman. It isn’t talent, or lack of talent that is the premier focus, its how skinny these people are. A fantastic example of this scrutiny is how the media treated Adele. This singer song writer, brings depth and emotion through her powerful ballads and made it on top record charts, however she still got torn apart for the fact that she was a curvaceous full figured woman in tabloids.  One must ask themselves, “Is this fair?” Does Adele’s size really matter that much. This feeds society the idea that in order to be happy and successful they must be thin as well. How about retraining the way society thinks to taking good care of themselves and eating when they are hungry even if that means being a size 6, a size 8, or even a size 12.

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