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“Beauty is Free” Beauty tips on Self Improvement and how to be Perfect

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On The Run zine’s emphasis on promoting self acceptance is important and often overlooked in today’s culture.

Woman and men spend a great deal on looking their best. After all it is highly praised in today’s culture when some one has a youth-ful glow and a size-0 frame. However not every one is born a size 0, and they will spend the rest of their lives devastated because of this fact. They will never notice the details that make them beautiful such as thick, soft hair,  glowing green eyes or most important a kind and giving heart. They will always yearn to improve themselves to that impossible size. Who can blame them, after all they were programmed that way by media and society.  True self improvement does not come from countless plastic surgeries, or pounds of skin care creams, it comes with being thankful for what one has. Because even if money and time is spent on improving the outward appearance, inner self-acceptance is not present all that time and money has been wasted. It is important to spend time and energy on what makes one beautiful on the inside, and to recognize that EVERY person has the ability to be beautiful on the inside. That inner beauty will outshine any time and money spent on improving ones outward beauty.


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