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“Whisper Your Name” with Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham in “Whisper Your Name”

“Whisper your name” A video with Ashley Graham and Luke Strauss; An Experimental Video Installment
Directed By James Jaeger Edited By Andrew Cohen Music by “Rockharder music”

“Whisper Your Name” AKA “Ima dominate you bitch”. In a world where males often dominate females this fetish video shows model Ashley Graham with a different type of context. While the viewers still have the opportunity to enjoy Ashley Grahams voluptuous curves and bare breasts, she is not the the usual female sex object. This diverse video shows Luke Strauss, being the obedient and shy male while Ashley performs dominatrix type erotica  moves such as walking on his face with stiletto heals, spiting in his face and causing him to have slight asphyxiation while choking him slowly. While cutting back in forth to shots with Ashley Graham with a mannequin, it gives the open minded view that perhaps the male is being objectified.



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