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American Advertising – Subliminal Messages

Subliminal Messages

In todays consumer based society the branding of an image is why it sells…. Why?  If we as consumers buy a product are we buying it for the right reasons?  Why do we support certain companies? If we wear a certian pair of jeans is it really going to make us feel empowered? Perhaps for a short while until we get accustomed to and lose that instant gratification. Then we need more. It is about access not about necessity.  Granted certain clothing lines do take much pride in thier crafstmen ship but pride them selves more on their own image and how they want their viewer to interpret their product.

subliminal messages denim campaign

An Explanation of Subliminal Messages

(learn to read in between the lines)

When companies create their campaigns their main goal is to sell an idea, a way a of life. Wouldn’t a company be inclined to use more natural and true to life subjects for their campaigns rather than creating a barrier which infact creates insecurities.  For example the image above tells a story of two attractive, slim models in an exotic location, both  sexy and nude from the waist up.  The odds of an  individual who makes this purchase laying in the sand with a beautiful model is probably not going to happen . The idea being sold is most likely not reality. Think about cigarette advertising, the Marlboro man. This stoic figure, large and in charge on top of his horse embracing his daily adventures with life and luster. Get real if one is to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, they are most likely going to end up in a hospital bed. Does it have to belonging to something?  Is it about status… so many ways of looking at advertising.  Most would feel better about themselves if they didn’t have to stare at the people that were born with above average looks.  Let’s face it “models” didn’t earn their looks or work to achieve them, they were born that way or payed to look that way.  Modeling can be considered a talent but can also be considered a very shallow career choice which doesn’t necessarily  enlighten those who come across these so called perfect faces.  People are taught through media and  subminial messages what is important.  If society were to step back and take a moment to reflect on what is truly important, it wouldn’t have anything to do with possesions or even appearances; it might be something as simple as telling someone how much you love them or embracing your own being, loving who you are and figuring out ways to better humanity.  With media shifting towards the internet, individuals come across advertising even more frequently without even being aware. Product placements is  in music videos, films, even the postings on you-tube.  Watching a video with an advertisment in the corner of the screen without looking at directly at it people  feel its presence.  Through periphreal vision society is bound to process what is being sold.

Not only does fashion and beauty advertising affect the consumers perception it also effects those in the industry; Photographers feel they have to shoot in this distinct way to make money and models have to look this way to book a campaign. Society is programmed to think with a narrow point of view of what is considered beautiful.

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